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  • Over 20 years Experience

    The EKOTECH Group has over 20 years of experience in the field of developing anthropogenic minerals. The company's operations and initial projects took place in West Pomerania province where macro levelling reclamation of degraded areas was carried out. A further step in the company's development and implementation of new technologies was EKOTECH Group extending its activities to the production of specialist building materials based on anthropogenic minerals.

  • The following product groups should be mentioned among the materials we produce:

    • Road Binders/adhesives,
    • Injection materials,
    • Road construction foundation layers,
    • Agricultural fertilizers,

    Building materials are manufactured under the TEFRA® trademark, while agricultural fertilizers under the brand name AgroSupra.

    The EKOTECH group (Grupa EKOTECH) comprises EKOTECH Trade, EKOTECH Inżyniera Popiołów (engineering ashes) and EKOTECH 3R, whose core business is the management of coal combustion products from the industrial and professional power sector as well as other anthropogenic minerals. Companies included in The EKOTECH Group specialize in carrying out their areas of competence, which affects the development of their technical and personnel potential, and close cooperation allows it to create optimal business solutions and utilize synergies

  • Through it ownership ties, the EKOTECH Group, in cooperating the implementation of individual projects as well as the exchange of experience and knowledge and efficient use of owned assets has created a strong organization able to effectively compete on the market and to manage significant amounts of ash and slag from the energy sector and other anthropogenic materials.

    Its high technical potential, knowledge and human potential reaffirms the volumes of products being utilized annually and subsequently resulting in valuable building materials

    The EKOTECH Group places particular emphasis on innovation, ecology and technology, so that the products for our customers set standards of quality and the individual approach to each of our clients and their specific needs make us able to provide them with a fully satisfactory solution.

  • The EKOTECH Group is a manufacturer and exclusive distributor of TEFRA® construction materials for road, rail and geotechnical use. The TEFRA® range of products include ready binders for stabilization, drainage and land improvement. Their properties make these materials well-suited for applications for land grading and construction of embankments.

    The significant market advantages of our adhesives and mixtures are due to their affordable price compared to traditional solutions, in addition to the properties and taking into account the individual needs of customers. Their advantage is also the policy and strategy of the EKOTECH Group which forms the current and a future direction of EU environmental legislation - implemented through the use of secondary raw materials and by-products, which guarantees the stability of prices due to the lack of environmental burdens.

  • EKOTECH Group

    • EKOTECH Engineering Ashes – production company
    • EKOTECH Trade – trading company
    • EKOTECH 3r – company involved in the reclamation of degraded areas

    The activities of EKOTECH Group has been organized in a way that ensures optimal use of resources across business and to minimize the risk that may arise in their economic environment and formal and legal scope.

    In today's business, practical diversification is necessary in the EKOTECH Group by broadening the range of products and location of commercial activities

  • EKOTECH Trade Sp. z o.o. is a commercial company whose activities include the acquisition of by-products and secondary raw materials used in production processes and revitalization of degraded areas projects and the sale of manufactured materials. EKOTECH Inżynieria – Popiołów Sp. z o.o. operates a manufacturing base producing a range of materials for the construction industry and fertilizers for agriculture. The company has several production plants, machinery and heavy equipment to carry out operations. The Company obtains the required administrative decisions and implements and maintains systems of production and control of manufactured materials in respect of formal - legal regulations.

    In this area of activity EKOTECH Inżyniera Popiołow (ash engineering) is developing and operates systems for ZKP - Zakładowa Kontrola Produkcji (Factory Production Control), providing them with certification to notified bodies and provides production control through surveillance and research of accredited laboratories.

    EKOTECH 3R Sp. z o.o. acquires degraded areas, for example. pits after mining of natural aggregates, which are then revitalized into the materials produced by the EKOTECH Group which can then be converted into future investment areas or can be naturally restored.

  • We deal with

    • Production and trade of building materials:
      • Road Binders/adhesives
      • Various road surface mixtures
      • Fly ash aggregates for concrete
      • Hire of mobile production plant/machinery
    • Production of agricultural fertilizers
    • Development of coal combustion products of power plants
    • Rehabilitation of degraded areas and macro-levelling

  • Research & Development

    The EKOTECH Group closely cooperates with leading scientific and research centres, including the Warsaw University of Technology, Technical University of Czestochowa, Lodz University of Technology, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Institute of Road and Bridge Research, Institute of Energy, Fertilizers Research Institute in Pulawy, University of Science and Technology in Krakow

  • Putting Quality First

    From year-to-year we are trying to build the company's image and carry out our activities better, resulting in the satisfaction of our customers.

    We have won awards, among others, in the following contests:

    • GreenEvo
    • Gekon
    • Jakość Roku
    • Feniks
    • etc
  • In 2012 EKOTECH Inżyniera Popiołów on behalf of the EKOTECH Group won the GreenEvo Accelerator award in green technologies organized by the Ministry of Environment. Companies participating in GreenEvo Green Technology Accelerator are given the opportunity to take advantage of the various forms of support. Programme aims to support Polish green technologies in their battle for foreign markets. In this way the Ministry of Environment strengthens the international activity of companies and participants. So far the EKOTECH group has carried out trade missions in Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.

  • In 2013 EKOTECH Inżynieria Popiołów on behalf of the EKOTECH Group started research work in the scope of the Gecko Generator Ecological Concept. The programme is a joint initiative of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) and the National Research and Development Centre (NCBR). Work on the new support structure began in September 2011 from the signing of the Agreement between the National Fund NFOŚiGW and NCBR in taking joint actions aimed at developing Polish co-financing of environmental technologies through research, development and implementation.

  • In 2013 EKOTECH Inżynieria Popiołów on behalf of the EKOTECH Group won an award in Poland's largest Programme to promote quality - Fundacja Qualitas (Quality Foundation), in the field of ECOLOGY. The Qualitas Foundation is a member of the European Organization for Quality, based in Brussels and the Polish Club Forum ISO 9000. The award underlines our commitment and the status of the EKOTECH Group in the field of ecology

  • In 2013 Tomasz Szczygielski, founder of the first EKOTECH company, received the Fenix (Phoenix) bronze prize at the "Popioły z Energetyki" (Ashes of Energy) annual conference - for the whole of his contribution to the development, raising awareness and work for the development of combustion of by-products in Poland and in the world.

  • TEFRA 15 - Hydraulic road binder
  • TEFRA 25 - Hydraulic road binder
  • TEFRA IN - Injection Binder
  • Fly ash aggregates for concrete

TEFRA 15 Hydraulic road binder

Adhesives and bindings for drainage and land improvement

Modern surface structures for road and rail load capacity and durability require suitable substrate for their foundation base . In addition to the load-capacity, it should be characterized by uniformity and soil compaction. These features are improved substrate made of soil stabilized with TEFRA 15 hydraulic binding. An important advantage of this technology is the ability to use it for improved substrate in almost all types of soil, particularly cohesive soils in which excess water usually appears. TEFRA 15 contains significant amounts of free CaO, resulting in chemical and physical bonding of water, thus drying the ground. In addition, a change in the structure of the soil occurs, allowing better compaction.

The main benefits of using TEFRA 15:

  • replacing lime for drying and stabilization
  • significant increase in load capacity of cohesive soils
  • anthropogenic material with low CO2 emissions
  • improving land compaction

Depending on the type of soil, moisture content and the addition of binders, the load generated on an improved stabilized TEFRA substrate 15 binder ranges from 60 to 150 MPa.

TEFRA 25 Hydraulic road binder

The TEFRA 25 binding adhesive is designed to stabilize and improve the subgrade in civil engineering. The material is designed to improve and modify fine-grained land primarily consisting in improving the geotechnical properties (draining of land, reducing the degree of plasticity, improving compaction, increasing load capacity and resistance to water and frost) in order to increase their usefulness in civil engineering, and in particular in earthworks and improved surface. TEFRA 25 can be used as an enhancing material in grading land and aggregates as well as to stabilize the subsoil (soil improvement diagram below) with the strength requirements (make Rm 1.5 or 2.5 MPa), the layer of binder-stabilized material should obtain sufficient compressive strength and the required rate of frost resistance.

The main benefits of using TEFRA 25:

  • increases the compressive strength of road layers
  • significant reduction in material costs of the investment
  • anthropogenic material with low CO2 emissions
  • fundamental improvement of land load capacity factor
  • effective replacement of cement (lime) to drain and stabilize soils

TEFRA IN - Injection Binder

Binders for anti-filtration screens

The TEFRA IN binder is a finished product carrying partitions against the filter from hardened slime in construction drainage and the geotechnical deep mixing method on site.

TEFRA IN binder is mixed with water on the construction site in specialist high-speed mixers for suspension hardening and in its plastic state is pumped to the place of installation that involves mixing it with the soil substrate and / or the body of the drainage and geotechnical structure to the appropriate depth using specialist equipment. After a specified time, TEFRA IN mixes with the soil which hardens, creating a partition for groundwater-pressing on the construction.

The main advantages of using TEFRA IN injection ground binders:

  • binders ready to carry out partition of the filter
  • significant reduction in material costs of the investment
  • anthropogenic material with low CO2 emissions
  • using binders in building drainage and geotechnical aspects - seal levees, closing landfills, specialist foundation

Fly ash aggregates for concrete

Siliceous fly ash is a fine-grained material with pozzolanic properties obtained by mechanical or electrostatic precipitation of ashes from waste gases from the combustion of fine coal in power boilers. The ash meets the requirements of PN EN 450-1 "Fly ash for concrete" which is widely used in the construction industry as a type II additive for concrete production. The siliceous ashes are commonly used as a raw material for the production of ash and pozzolanic cements


  • binders ready to carry out partition of the filter
  • significant reduction in material costs of the investment
  • anthropogenic material with low CO2 emissions
  • using a binder in building drainage and geotechnical aspects- seal levees, closing landfills, specialist foundation

The main arguments in favour of usefulness of ash as an additive to concrete:

  • binders ready to carry out partition of the filter
  • significant reduction in material costs of the investment
  • anthropogenic material with low CO2 emissions
  • Using a binder in building drainage and geotechnical - seal levees, closing landfills, specialist foundation

  • UPS Management
  • Comprehensive ash removal service

UPS Management

The origin of the EKOTECH Group subsidiaries is the development of by-products of combustion of solid fuels such as slag, fly ash and gypsum from flue gas desulphurisation. we have gained a lot of unique experience and competence during more than 20-years of activity in this area, which has built the potential to optimum management of UPS management processes in every practical scale.

The preferred direction of UPS management is its industrial and economic use, which enables development and improvement during the practical application of technologies and formulas of different kinds of materials used on its basis. TEFRA® Products are especially suited for auxiliary and foundation work as well as surface layers and hydraulic and road bindings, concrete ash slag materials, injection materials, anti-filtration screens, aggregates and mixtures for the construction of road embankments and other geotechnical structures.

Our UPS management offer consists largely of processing products and materials that can be used without the constraints arising from-waste. We obtain the by-product for selected types of waste combustion, in cooperation with their manufacturers, which creates the possibility of significantly extending the number of recipients who may use them or be further processed without the need to obtain administrative decisions in the recovery of waste. If necessary, we conduct loss-waste through their certification to a specific technical standard which, from the formal and legal status, deprives them of waste.

We also develop the concept of developing UPS design and construction of installation for processing and maintaining its continued operation.

The EKOTECH Group carried out waste management of combustion waste encompassing all kinds produced in power and heat..

Comprehensive ash removal service

The EKOTECH Group of companies boasts over 20-year experience in the business of the management combustion of solid fuel by-products in the energy sector which have created opportunities for comprehensive service in this area in the industrial and professional energy sector.

Our offer is addressed in particular to energy companies, power plants, CHP plants and heat plants using coal and brown coal as the primary fuel. Our comprehensive services includes support for installation and management facilities for ash and slag removal of power boilers, waste slag, ash and flue gas desulphurization products and the development of combustion by-products.

Implementation of comprehensive services of the EKOTECH Group consists of two main areas which, depending on your needs, can be further supplemented. The first is the operational handling of installation and equipment for ash removal and furnace waste landfills ensuring their proper functioning, manpower and maintaining the condition.

The activities carried out in the second area focuses on the recipients, processing and final management of by-products of combustion of solid fuels and flue gas desulphurization i.e. slag, ash and synthetic gypsum.

Entrusting the comprehensive service of power plant ash handling plants specializing in external entities resulting in, among others, a reduction in operating costs in this area and the optimization of combustion waste management methods.

  • Fertilizers

Fertilizer AgroSupra S

Product Characteristics

WE sulfur-calcium fertilizer
17% sulfur and 22% calcium in terms of pure ingredient
(sulfur content of 42.5% SO3, calcium in the amount of 30.7% CaO)

AgroSupra S offers a smaller outlays on plant production, thanks to its chemical composition, and does not acidify the soil, reducing its salinity, eliminating toxic aluminum and contributes to better quality yields with readily soluble calcium which strengthens the root system and makes it easier to absorb the nutrients.

Sulfur fertilization is essential for the proper management of nitrogen in plants, increased resistance of plants to stress factors such as drought, heat and water stress. Moreover, the lack of fertilization with sulfur and calcium reduces the yield of plants.

Sulfur (S) as a nutrient:

  • influences better management of nitrogen in the plant
  • supports the use of nitrogen for nitrifying bacteria
  • affects the quality and quantity of crops
  • participates in the production of plant antibodies
  • increases the resistance of plants to disease and illness
  • improves plant tolerance to drought, high temperatures and scarcity of water

Calcium (Ca) as a nutrient:

  • creates a more robust plant cell wall
  • determines the resistance to unfavorable climatic conditions
  • forms a barrier against the penetration of pathogens
  • activates enzymes to neutralize organic acids
  • affects the development and growth of roots

  • Reclamation of degraded areas
  • Investment in transforming degraded areas

Reclamation of degraded areas

Comprehensive land reclamation, designed according to the needs of the degraded area, is intended to restore or give it a utilitarian function that will ensure the site is restored to nature. By specializing in these type of projects, we offer our potential and dedicated experience, particularly excavations after extraction of sand, natural aggregates or other minerals.

The formulation of our actions and cooperation is selected individually for each case taking into account all technical conditions, formal and legal aspects, in a way that takes into account the interests of all parties to the project. In cases where the project is eligible to raise external funds, both assistance from EU funds and national funds, we guarantee professional preparation of proposals and conduct proceedings aimed at obtaining external financing.

Depending on the needs and the specific requirements of a given location, we offer to perform a full or partial revitalization process of the degraded land to restore the original function and appearance of the area.

Our competence, potential and experience is confirmed by numerous projects during more than the 20-year period of activity in the revitalization of degraded or adversely transformed areas, whose spectacular examples are presented.

Przekształcanie inwestycyjne terenów zdegradowanych

One of the limitations in investment activities in the scope of large-scale and industrial buildings is the ability to obtain the appropriate location. One of the attractive cost solutions is to transform the capital area adversely transformed. Devastated areas, pits, geotechnical unstable areas, areas of unregulated water conditions that can be extracted at very attractive prices, can be successfully transformed into areas of multiple value for further use. One of specializations of the EKOTECH Group is the realization of the transformation of such land in areas dedicated for specific investments.

Reclamation, specialized macro-levelling, geotechnical and readjustment work are designed according to the needs of the area and are intended to restore or utilize it. Such areas should find its applicable investment. In specializing in such ventures, we offer our potential and experience in order to acquire such land as sites for future investments, which contribute significantly to widen the spectrum of those areas of interest to developers of warehouse space, housing, logistic centre operators and similar.

W carry out a full or partial process of preparing the land for future investment, depending on your individual needs and given project requirements.

ur achievements in this field are completed projects, examples of which are presented.

  • Mobile production unit


Rapidmix 400 has been designed as completely portable and is self-powered.

It is suitable for self-setup, using its own hydraulic system for adjusting the junction in fully operational transport mode. Rapidmix 400 is an installation for continuous mixing with a capacity of 400 tons per hour, depending on the operating conditions. The dosing rate of aggregate, cement and water is fully adjustable.

General Information:

  • tray for aggregate with conveyor belt at variable speed
  • a twin-shaft mixer for continuous operation
  • silos for cement / adhesives
  • water system
  • pneumatic system

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed technical specifications:


EKOTECH Group's mission is to provide reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly materials, geotechnical and agricultural fertilizers produced on the basis of anthropogenic minerals.






Our mission are the challenges that contribute to rationalize and increase the efficiency of projects implemented by the State in the scope of environmental protection. In today's multi-faceted economic environment and highly advanced activities, the use of specialized companies is essential. In line with our slogan, tell us about your problem and we will present you with an attractive solution based on our knowledge, competence and experience.

Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience, supported by scientific specialists from renowned universities and research institutes. Each project is treated individually, analyzing the needs, circumstances and the interests of customers. We identify important factors, practicalities and opportunities in order to select the optimal solution. This enables us to put forward thoughtful, rational and beneficial solutions for our customers.

We provide support at every stage during the process of implementing solutions, being with you throughout the construction period, jointly coordinating and supervising its course. Partnership in association allows a flexible response to any problems occurring during the project or changing project requirements. Modification of applied solutions, technology and product parameters guarantee compliance with the technical and economic requirements while maintaining high quality and cost-effective use of our materials.

Our activities are focused on customer satisfaction. Our greatest reward is knowing that our solutions meet the expectations of our customers. This would not be possible without the commercial success of projects, timely completion, appropriate technologies and competitive pricing. This ensures that your construction is cheaper and contributes to sustainable development through the implementation of innovative solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing consumption of natural resources.

We carry out a variety of ventures and projects which include all components and other aspects falling within the scope of a given process. One of our priorities is to provide such solutions to customers. We are able to provide this through complementing our technologies, manufacturing processes, providing a wide choice of materials, means of production, personal potential as well as our working methods and the way which we operate.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    The EKOTECH group, as a modern, innovative and responsible company, apart from purely commercial aspects, also takes into account social and environmental issues in commercial activities and relationships with customers and other stakeholders. One of the ideas of these issues, implemented by the EKOTECH Group, is functioning in a responsible and ethical manner in relation to the environment in which we operate with the greatest respect for the natural environment.

    In creating the socially responsible business model, the EKOTECH Group is implemented through the concept of sustainable development, using anthropogenic materials as a raw material base and by-products in the construction industry restricts the use of natural resources, which means them remain for the benefit of future generations and the environment is not burdened by their extraction, transport and processing.

    However, an important aspect of using our binders, adhesives and road mixtures is to limit the impact of economic activities on the environment as a result of the carbon efficiency of these materials. Substitution of traditional binders - cement and lime - by road binders and mixes produced by the EKOTECH Group eliminates a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere in cement and lime plants, thus contributing to the protection of the atmosphere and preventing climate change.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Rewitalizacja terenów zdewastowanych wskutek wcześniejszej działalności górniczej czy przemysłowej przywraca te obszary naturze czy rolnictwu. W przypadku gdy zrekultywowany teren wykorzystywany jest inwestycyjnie zmniejszamy wydzieranie naturze nowych terenów, które służą społeczeństwu i pozostają zasobem do wykorzystania przez przyszłe pokolenia.

    W relacjach ze wszystkimi naszymi kontrahentami stosujemy tzw. dobre praktyki poprzez przejrzystość prowadzenia działalności gospodarczej, uwzględnianie interesów drugiej strony i otoczenia społecznego oraz ograniczanie nieetycznych zachowań w biznesie.

    Realizując projekty terenowe dostrzegamy lokalne społeczności i ich problemy, w miarę możliwości uwzględniamy je w naszej działalności, ewentualnie organizujemy akcje pomocowe.

    Grupa EKOTECH jednym ze swoich priorytetów stanowiła prowadzenie nowoczesnego i odpowiedzialnego biznesu, co sprawia że budując strategię rozwoju firmy poszukiwać będziemy synergii pomiędzy ekonomicznym, środowiskowym i społecznym aspektem funkcjonowania naszego przedsiębiorstwa.

Putting their trust in us

Ekotech Trade Sp. z o.o has shown that it is well-prepared and professional. All deliveries have been done on time and the materials supplied have been in accordance with requirements in the Technical Specification and design documentation.

Rafał Miśkiewicz – Contract Director
Budimex S.A.

We have been co-operating with EKOTECH TRADE Sp. z o.o for two years and the company has been supplying us with TEFRA 15 hydraulic binders to the construction site on time and in accordance with what has been agreed. We can always count on their professional and reliable technical advice as well as highly qualified staff.

Artur Krasowski – Branch Director
STRABAG Sp. z o.o.

We recommend ECOTECH TRADE Sp. z o.o. in all business relations as a reliable partner and is highly-cultured way of doing business.


Jerzy Gądek – Prokurent

Ekotech Trade Sp. z o.o has shown that it is well-prepared and professional. All deliveries have been done on time and the materials supplied have been in accordance with requirements in the Technical Specification and design documentation.

Rafał Miśkiewicz – Contract Director
Budimex S.A.

We have been co-operating with EKOTECH TRADE Sp. z o.o for two years and the company has been supplying us with TEFRA 15 hydraulic binders to the construction site on time and in accordance with what has been agreed. We can always count on their professional and reliable technical advice as well as highly qualified staff.

Artur Krasowski – Branch Director
STRABAG Sp. z o.o.

We recommend ECOTECH TRADE Sp. z o.o. in all business relations as a reliable partner and is highly-cultured way of doing business.


Jerzy Gądek – Prokurent




m2 land completed



m flood embankments
land reclamation



m3 degraded areas which is equal to the surface

Which is equal to the surface



National stadiums

Which is equal to the area of



Ski jumps

which is equal to the volume of



Olympic swimming pools


S-7 Express Way (Nidzica – Napierki)
ton = 370 cars
S-3 Express Way (Nowa Sól – Legnica)
ton = 444 cars
S-51 Express Way (Olsztyn – Olsztynek)
ton = 555 cars
Kościerzyna bypass
ton = 555 cars
S-3 Express Way (Nowa Sól – Legnica)
ton = 740 cars
S-8 Express Way (Janki bypass)
ton = 920 cars
S-8 Express Way (Jeżewo – Białystok)
ton = 920 cars
A1 Motorway (Stryków – Tuszyn)
ton = 920 cars
A1 Motorway (Brzezie – Kowal)
ton = 920 cars
S-3 Express Way (Nowa Sól – Legnica)
ton = 1111 cars
A2 Motorway (Konotopa – Okęcie)
ton = 1100 cars
PKM Bus Station (Gdansk)
ton = 1850 cars
S-2 Express Way. (Warsaw Southern bypass)
ton = 1850 cars
S-7 Express Way. (Ostróda – Olsztynek)
ton = 2590 cars
S-7 Express Way (Kalsk – Miłomłyn)
ton = 4200 aut

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tel. 22/ 587 58 39
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Commercial Department:

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Commercial Director

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Finance Department:

Aneta Wiski

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Logistics Department:

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Production Department:

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